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St. Vincent & the Grenadines Department of Tourism
Kingstown St. Vincent
Tel: 784 457 1502 
Fax: 784 457 2425 

Karib Tourism Department, Marketing & Promotion Office 
122Ter, Rue Victor Hugo, Fort de France 97200, FWI 
Tel: 596 596 638 686 
Fax: 596 596 638 886 

Consulate of St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
333 Wilson Avenue, Suite 601, Toronto M3H IT2, Canada 
Tel: 01 416 398 4277 
Fax: 01 416 398 4199 

St Vincent & The Grenadines Tourist Office 
10 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL, England 
Tel: 207 937 6570 
Fax: 207 937 3611 

St Vincent & The Grenadines Tourist Office 
801 2nd Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, N.Y.10017 
Tel: 212 687 49 81 / 1 800 729 1726 
Fax: 212 949 5946 




Ins and Outs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2017
   A beautifully produced glossy magazine, full of articles, information,
great photos - and an excellent Bequia section. Published annually

Holiday Bequia 2016
A handy sized comprehensive guide to Bequia and Bequia businesses, packed full of information. Published annually. Available from all SVG Tourism Offices, and everywhere once you get to Bequia.
A must for visitors.
  Created by Pat Mitchell, author of "Bequia Sweet Sweet", and Bequia resident for more than thirty years. 
Comprehensive and informative.

Action Bequia

  Action Bequia uses an action orientated entrepreneurial approach to identify and enable local self help initiatives, including finding the necessary finance. One of Action Bequia's highest profile projects to date is the ongoing restoration of Bequia's  Belmont Walkway.

Russ Filman's Bequia Home Page

  The very first Bequia information website, started back in 1998. A real labour of love and full of useful tips and information. 






  Lynn McKamey has travelled extensively in the Caribbean and her site offers commentary and reviews on numerous locations and dive sites. Her Bequia page gives a real flavour of the island from the visitors' point of view. Several photos on this site have been kindly donated by Ms. McKamey.








Caribbean Compass
   The Caribbean's monthly look at Sea and Shore. 

An on-line digest of the hugely popular yachting and marine newspaper, 
which is available free at marinas, yacht clubs, chandleries and other outlets 
throughout the Caribbean from Miami to Venezuela - and published in Bequia! 

Doyle's Sailing Guides
Yachties - this one is for you! Chris Doyle has been writing sailors' guides to the Caribbean
for years, and for many these handy books have become "Cruisers' bibles".
Check out what Chris has to say about Bequia - and beyond


Weather Channel
Great for satellite images of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. 

Excellent detail and forecasting, including storm tracks, 
winds, pressure and sea temperatures as well as visible and infra-red satellite imagery.


More maps, time-lapse loop and storm tracking - a site for real weather buffs.

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