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Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2019
  A beautifully produced glossy magazine, full of articles, information, great photos - and an excellent Bequia section. Published annually. Available from all SVG Tourism Offices, and hotels, villas, guest houses, businesses and the Bequia Tourism Assocation office. 
Ins & Outs SVG 2019

Bequia Sweet, Sweet, by Pat Mitchell
bequia MacMillan, 1994, 
ISBN 0-333-60952-2

  A tribute and guide to the island of Bequia in the St. Vincent & Grenadines. Fully illustrated with detailed text; an excellent, sensitive and perceptive overview.

Bequia Reflections, by Julie Savage Lea
MacMillan Education Ltd., 1999 
ISBN 0-333-73838-1

  A delightful collection of the artist's studies of Bequia and its people. 
Julie Lea has been a visitor to the island since 1978. She is now a permanent resident, with a house at Spring and an art studio in Belmont. Her affection for her island home radiates from every page.

Tel: (784) 455 4677

julie lea

Tales of Bequia, by Thomas Carl Thomsen
tales of bequia Cross River Press, 1988
ISBN 0-945288-00-X 

An intimate and very personal collection of accounts and anecdotes about Bequia and its people, by one of the island's earliest "expat" residents. 

Clean Sweet Wind:
Sailing Craft of the Lesser Antilles, by Douglas Pyle

Easy Reach Press, Maryland, 1981 

  A fascinating look at the history of boat-building throughout the Lesser Antilles with detailed accounts of the still surviving boat-building and whaling traditions on Bequia. Out of print, but well worth searching for.

clean sweet wind

Alone in the West Indies, by Frederick Fenger
Privately published, 1917
old Bill Wallace

Whaler "Old Bill" Wallace (left) 
and the author on Bequia c. 1914

Another one for history and sailing buffs. Sometimes the (then) all too accurate colonial attitude startles today's reader, but the writing never fails to give an extrordinarily vivid sense of the recent, but nevertheless long vanished past. 

  Reproduced in full, with contemporary photographs and illustrations on line: 

Blows, Mon, Blows!
A history of Bequia Whaling by Nathalie Ward
blow Gecko Productions, 
Woods Hole, Maryland, 1995 

A slim volume, but packed full of information, especially concerning the families of Bequia's illustrious "Old Bill" Wallace and "Pa" Ollivierre, and their contribution to the development of whaling on the island.

Adventures in the Trade Wind, by Richard Dey

Offshore Press, 2010
ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4363-9437-6;
Softcover 978-4363-9436-9

  The Story of Morris Nicholson, pioneer charterboat skipper, and of yacht chartering in the West Indies in the half-century after the Second World War. Includes chapters on the post-war development of Bequia, where Nicholson built a home and eventually retired.

  Dey has also written Selected Bequia Poems, many of them first published in leading American magazines.
(Offshore Press, 2009) ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4363-3062-6


Adventures in the Tradewinds

Poetry from Bequia, by Silma Duncan
Privately published

  Bequian poet Silma Duncan worked as a security officer at Bequia airport for many years. Her delightful poems reflect a wide range of subjects and concerns and departing passengers were often entertained with an impromptu recitation after passing through security control.
 Silma died on April 12th 2019. Her cheery smile and impromptu  poetry recitals will be much missed.
Her books are still available under the Almond Tree.


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