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  Bequia's famous open-backed taxis are well known for their courteous and friendly operators. Taxis are widely used for getting around - to and from Port Elizabeth, to the beaches, to restaurants - and home again in the evening! 

   Rates are fixed and are listed in the Bequia Tourism Association Office, but it's always sensible to check the fare beforehand. Most fares will be quoted in EC$, but sometimes for longer trips, including Island Tours, you may be quoted in US$ - you can normally pay in either currency.

   All taxis monitor VHF CH 68 and any restaurant or bar will be happy to call a taxi for you. Alternatively find them gathered "Under the Almond Tree" in Port Elizabeth. Visitors often choose to use the same taxi driver throughout their stay - many lasting friendships have been built this way!

   A number of Bequia taxi drivers have formed their own group known as the "A Team". Look out for their smart "The A Team" polo shirts. 


Challenger Taxis
Tel: (784) 458 3811

Curtice Taxi ServiceCurtice Taxi


  Curtice Taxi Service is definitely the most reliable on the island; We offer very polite and down to earth service
at all times.
  We would be delighted to take you around the island whether itís an island tour or just a short trip to the beaches. Relax as our comfortable Taxi Service offers you the Best views around Bequia and provides transportation to
wherever your heart desires.

Please contact us at;
Cellular: 1784 5325073 or 1784 5326691

Gideon's Taxi & Rentals

Tel: (784) 458 3760

Gunno Taxi Services

Gunno Taxi Service Bequia

  Well clean and well kept taxi vehicles. We provide prompt and professional service in elegant ride whenever, where-ever on Bequia.
Our Bequia taxi Service include:
  Airport & Ferry pickup
  Shopping, Beaches
  To & from the Turtle Sanctuary
  To & from Restaurants
  To & from the Whaling Museum

 With Gunno Taxi Services, you can be assured of
reliable and efficient excellent service. Thank you for using Gunno Taxi!

Gunsalvo Leach, Hamilton, Bequia
Tel: (784) 497 5659 / 784 491 3407

Humble Servant Taxi Service
Humble Servant
                          Taxi Service

  Ever thought about relaxing in air condition comfort while viewing beautiful Bequia, or using just the sun roof? Well you can just do that by calling your HUMBLE SERVANT Thaddaeus anytime.
  Just feel like touring around the island at your very own pace - jeep rentals are available also.
Tel: 1 (784) 497 6446


   Several car and jeep rental companies operate on the island, offering both daily and weekly rates. If you want to have the freedom to explore at your own pace and in your own time, renting a car or jeep is the choice for you. Some vehicles are open topped, some are air-conditioned. 

Car rentals can usually also be arranged through your hotel, apartment, or villa.

Affordable Jeep RentalsBTA Member
Affordable Jeep Rentals

  Discover Bequia in comfort and style by renting a jeep from Affordable Jeep Rentals whose main goal is to provide comfortable and reliable rental jeeps for exploring our lovely island.
  We offer unbeatable rates and we also arrange your local license at no additional cost.
Book your jeep now!!
Contact Info:
Tel: 1 (784) 431 8760

B&G (Gideon) Jeep Rental
Tel/Fax: (784) 458 3760

Big J RentalsBTA Member
Jeep Rental Big J

  Planning your get away trip to Bequia? We provide you with quality Polaris and 5 doors 4x4 jeeps with automatic transmission and fully air condition comfort, if requested - plus the best rates on the island!
  Here at Big J Rentals we also provide you with destination drop-off and pick-up anytime and anywhere.
  Thank you for making Big J Rentals your Number 1 choice!

Jefferson Goodluck
Tel: (784) 527 8173 or
(784) 432 4838

Challenger Car Rentals
Tel: (784) 458 3811

Handy Andy Rentals

Handy Andy Rentals Bequia

  Make seeing the sights of the beautiful island a whole lot easier and more comfortable, or are you adventureous, into fitness or just rather see the island in fine style. 

  We have available jeeps, scooters and bicycles. All economiclly priced to make sure you see all the attractions of beautiful Bequia.

1 (784) 458 3116
1 (784) 458 3722
Cell: 1 (784) 533 0677
Fax: 1 (784) 457 3457
skype: handyandyam
skype: bequialandandhome

KMG Rental ServicesBTA
KMG Rental Services Bequia

  Renting a jeep is the best way you experience the breathtaking scenery of our Island. 
  Whether you are planning your visit for a day, week or long term, we ensure quality and reliable service.
Tel: 784 454 9163 / 784 532 4821


  Often crowded, never dull, these closed vehicles are the cheapest way to get around to most parts of the island. Pick them up in Port Elizabeth (enquire at the Tourism Office for the regular routes and stop-offs) or simply hail one as it approaches and ask them if they are going you way! 

   Fares vary from EC$1 to EC$4 per person (payable once on board) depending on the length of journey.



  A popular way to get from Admiralty Bay to Princess Margaret or Lower Bay beaches, or even just across Admiralty Bay.

   You will normally find a water taxi operator on the dock at the Frangipani or Gingerbread docks, or if there are none in sight just stand at the end of the dock and one will soon appear!

Cost about EC$15 one way, to the beaches, less for a trip across the harbour. Make a note of the name of the water taxi so you can ask for him again. 

All water taxis stand by on VHF CH 68. 


  Bequia to St. Vincent
  Bequia has always relied on ferries to bring supplies and of course passengers to and from St. Vincent. Up until about fifteen years ago, the Friendship Rose, a Bequia built inter-island schooner was the only lifeline for Bequians to "the mainland". This handsome vessel, still with its same skipper Captain Lewis, now operates memorable day trips to the Tobago Cays.
Friendship Rose Bequia

 Today a regular and efficient ferry service operates between Bequia and Kingstown, St. Vincent, with two Bequia based companies - Admiralty Transport (784 458 3348) and Bequia Express (784 457 3539) - operating four boats between them. Together the two ferries lines offer seven sailings a day on weekdays, five on Saturdays, with morning and evening sailings only on Sundays. Each ferry has an air-conditioned saloon, bar and snack bar, or you can choose to sit up on deck and enjoy the sea air.

  The boats carry passengers and cargo, trucks and supplies from "the mainland" to Bequia and the arrival and departure of each ferry in Port Elizabeth is a lively buzz of activity even at 6.30am in the morning! 

One-way fares on all ferries are EC$25 per person, and EC$45 per person return (any time - with the same ferry company). 

Please call the ferry companies for the up-to-date ferry schedule!

Phone contact: Admiralty Transport 784 458 3348 and Bequia Express 784 457 3539

Schedules can be subject to change at short notice, so its sensible to check with the ferry companies or the Bequia Tourism Association before planning your journey - especially if you have a plane to catch!

Arriving in Bequia by ferry

  Ferries to other Grenadine Islands


  The vessel MV Barracuda, also known as the "Mail Boat", operates a twice-weekly (mainly cargo) run from Kingstown, St. Vincent through the Grenadines to Union Island, stopping Canouan and Mayreau and sometimes also in Bequia, although this stop is not fixed in the current schedule.

  This is an interesting, adventurous and inexpensive way to see the Grenadines, but the schedule, and Bequia stops in particular, are subject to change. Check at the Tourism Office when in Bequia for up-to-date details. 

  Connections to Carriacou and Grenada

   M.V. Jasper leaves Union Island for Carriacou at 6:00 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. It leaves Carriacou on the same day at 12:00 noon. The fee is EC$20.00. In addition various fishing boats leave Union at 7:30 and will drop passengers in Carriacou for the same price.

  From Carriacou you can get to Grenada via the Osprey Lines. See their ferry schedule at


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